• “Anthony was a great host on his boat. Everything we needed to catch fish was at our fingertips...“
    John Bernard
  • “I have never seen this many big fish at one time. We will have to buy another freezer just to fit all this meat...“
    James McCardy
  • “It was a beatutiful day on Lake Texoma. Fishing was great and Anthony was a pleasure to work with. Thanks...“
    Erin Stanson
  • “We came, we cast, we caught a load of fish. I just wish I could do this every day. Anthony, you are one lucky SOB...“
    Tyler Huston

Full Time Fishing Guide

Anthony Warren has been a guide on Lake Texoma since 2000, but has been fishing this lake for the last 20 years. Anthony isn't just a seasonal guide but a full time guide which means he is on the water a much more considerable amount of time compaired to other guides who are just seasonal. This being said, Anthony's time on the water allows him to keep more current on the changes in the fish patterns and locations. Read More


Peak Season is a mater of opinion

The most commonly asked for bookings and where we stay on the water every day of the week falls between April 1st thru September 30th. But let it be known that we catch fish year round. Just because it is cold doesn't mean fish stop eating. Beleive it or not, we catch nearly as many fish during the "winter" months as some of our most heavily booked months.